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Take 100% Responsibilty for your life

I failed my school-leaving certificate examination conducted by WAEC woefully. Why did this happened? I was a brilliant student. It happened because I was playing instead of reading. A day before the examination I was at a night club dancing. When the result came out I could not go home. I was hanging around the corner of my street for hours. My mum sent someone to beg me to come home. She promised she would not beat me or abuse me of any kind. I went home and told her I failed. She said i did not fail. I showed her my result. She kept on saying my son. You did not fail. Anyone who is alive still has hope.
She said you can still write the examination next year, and if you take it serious you will come out in flying colours.

I toned down my partying and DJ engagements and the next year. I had eight distinctions. It could have been the whole 9, but a stupid boy in my examination center was caught cheating with several papers of the subject. So they gave everyone in the room F9.

We always have excuses for not succeeding. We believe there is someone behind our misfortunes or failures. Two weeks ago, my daughter sent me a prayer point.
“Every unknown manipulator or the man secretly manipulating my life should not rest”

I told her point blank that I would not pray that kind of prayer. Nobody is manipulating anybody’s life. This is one of the reasons why we are not taking responsibility for our life. We believe somebody or an old woman in our village or a higher demonic power that is hindering our progress. Instead of focusing on what to do to get out of the problem; we will be going from one mountain to another seeking help where there is no help.

Most of the times we accuse the devil and demons for our actions. I ministered deliverance to a brother year ago on seductive spirits. He was sleeping with sisters in the fellowship. He came the second time for deliverance. I asked him. Why? He replied that the devil influenced him. I said my brother. You are a liar. Take responsibility for your life. Devil did not remove your pants or invite the lady. Don’t blame the devil for your actions. He took responsibility on the issue, and the sisters in the fellowship were at peace.
We blame the government for our failures. If only they have good policies.

We blame the weather. If only the weather is favourable.

We blame our bosses. My boss does not like me.

We blame our parents. My parents are poor. Someone said you can be born poor, but don’t die poor.

Take 100% responsibility for your life. You are responsible for your life, take charge




Years ago, I used to watch a TV show called Kabenko. It was a show in Yoruba language where the fearless anchor, whom I have forgotten his name would ask the guest questions that could land him in jail or be beaten after the show. The meaning of Kabenko is punching a blade or knife with your bare fist. The logo of the show; showed a fist dripping with bloods with the dagger by the side.

In one of the shows, the anchor asked the Oni of Ife of blessed memory; Alayeluwa Oba Okunade Sijuwade

“Is it true that all your children were adopted because we heard from the grapevine that you are impotent?.” 

The king smiled and said. “The only way to find out is to bring your mum to me. She will be able to tell you after sleeping with her if I am capable or not.”

The anchor also asked a prominent rich man in Osogbo, ” baba we heard that you made the bulk of your money from armed robbery; is it true?”

The man also smiled and answered ” It is not true. I work hard for my money”

Every body in Yoruba speaking states loved the show. We loved it so much. The anchor was a fearless interviewer. He could ask anything from anybody no matter who you are.

Why am I writing about Kabenko?  The paramount reason is that this blog is going to be exposing some things around us. I will be brutally honest in posting various controversial topics in the days to come. I will not mind whose horse is gored. You can see that the logo of the blog is a ticking bomb.


I am tired of the deceptions going around me. The deceptions in the church. The deceptions in the world. They are all around us. I am also going to be posting a lot on how we can also be successful in the internet age. So the blog is not going to all about exposing deceptions.

Just keep on coming to this page and also subscribe for you not to miss any of the posts.


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