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I stopped impressing people years ago

Will Smith doesn’t let Hollywood’s glamour influence him. He likes to quote Will Rogers, a famous American performer in the 1930s. Rogers said, “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned to buy things they don’t want to impress people they don’t like.”

I woke up one day and decided I will not live my life to impress people. I will do whatever makes me happy. I will live my life to the fullest. I will not impress any man of God. I will not impress my friends. I will not impress my business associates. I will only impress God.
I was shocked when I heard in my spirit that God said I could and should not impress Him. He said He is my maker. He knows everything about me; even before I was born, my present and my future. So the only thing to do is to love Him. So if I could not impress God who is man that I should impress?
You cannot please people as much as you try. If you are trying your best to please them, they will call you men pleaser. Chief Ebenezer Obey’s song: Baba Oniketekete said it right. Though he popularize the ideology that you cannot please anybody but the original story came from Aesop’s Fable.
If you are rich people will abuse you, if you are poor people will abuse you. If you are handsome or ugly they will still talk about you. So why don’t you be yourself. I love Kevin Hart so much. An interviewer asked him: Don’t you feel intimidated that you are short? He said “I am not at any time intimidated. I have not once let my height draw me back. It has never been an issue to me”.
While in Ibadan Polytechnic, I lied a lot to date ladies, I lied about my tribal mark, telling people that my mother was an Igbo woman. My father who was a soldier met my mum during the Civil War. He gave me tribal mark so my mum will not run away with me, the ladies pitied me, and I dated a lot of them; even the most beautiful ones. I lied that my daddy was so rich that he was the sole distributor of a popular brand of Hair Relaxer in Osogbo, and its environs. I bought a lot of Hair Relaxers I always gave to ladies to cover my lies. Everybody believed me because I was one of the best-dressed guys in Ibadan poly. My cousin was voted the best-dressed guy in Ibadan Polytechnic twice. His nickname was fashion. I was always with him during the holidays to take all the designer clothes he stopped using. That was the secret of my dressing in Ibadan Polytechnic.
When Yemi Ajayi a classmate at Ogun State Polytechnic came to Osogbo on his way to Lagos. He said the first house they took him to cannot be my house. He met me in my friend’s place, and I pretended it was mine. He still believed the impressions I gave them at Abeokuta. Yemi Ajayi, if you’re a reading this; the first house they took you to was my house.
Now I don’t care anymore. I was born with a silver spoon, but my father lost everything by the time I was nine. I was a millionaire, now am not. I have failed many times in business. Last year, I lost almost everything. I sold my car to pay my staff. Things were so bad that one of my sons disrespected me because I could not send him the money he asked for. My son in South Africa Maynard (omo to gbayi)was paying the rent. Stephen Odugbesan and Joshua Awesome were supporting me financially.
Why am I saying this, it is because I have nothing to lose. I don’t have any reputation to protect. I am not impressing anybody. I am pleased with myself. I am not living for you, I am for myself.
Now I am back on my feet, business is booming yet I am not happier than I was last year. I love the quote of Jesus; he said the life of a man does not consist of abundance of things he possesses.

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