10 Things You Don’t Know You Can Do With Google

10 Things You Don’t Know You Can Do With Google

Google Inc. specializes in Internet-related services and products, these include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, software, and hardware. Search the world’s information, including web pages, images, videos and more. Google has many special features to help you find exactly what you’re looking.

It has provided a service so popular that it has become a verb, but you probably aren’t novice to the phrase “Just Google it”. It’s obviously something you use a lot, mostly to end an irrelevantly blind argument between yourself and someone else or between two people getting facts from the net, it becomes an authority and shuts the ignorant one up. Doing a search using Google has become part of most people’s daily routine: 4.4 billion worldwide searches every single day.

But did you know that Google is much more than just a search engine? It is also a highly complex math calculator, a real-time currency converter, a sophisticated multi-lingual translator, a digital dictation machine and more. In fact, Google has so many hidden talents built into its search bar, these ten may be only scratching the surface of what Google search can do for you effective.

Image search with an image

We all have come to know how powerful Google is in searching images, I bet you didn’t know you can give Google an image and it can search for the same or similar images? When you click on the image search option in Google, you will notice a small camera icon will appear. Click on the camera icon and Google will request a URL to the image you want to find like images, or it will probably let you upload an image from your computer to find similar images. The origin of the images found and other miniature details will be provided.

Math machine

Google cannot just add up figures and all, Google is a mathematician. You can choose to do basic arithmetic right inside the search bar, including adding, subtracting, dividing or multiplying: such as “4 * 7 * 2.” You can also do exponential equations, such as entering “5^8” or “8**5”, percentages aren’t left out either, such as “15% of 195.50.” if you think you have heard it all, this will blow your mind: you can also do Advance Math in the search bar, yes advanced maths but only if you know the shortcuts, including Trigonometry. If you want to see a quick online calculator, then just search on Google.com “Google Calculator.”

Convert currency

Google loves money and knows how to convert money. How many Naira for 1 US dollar? Just type in the search bar “1 USD to Naira” and Google gives you the day’s rate of 360.22 “2 USD to Pesos,” and you discover that 2 USD equals 36.52 Mexican Pesos. Google’s ability to track and help you convert money spans across over 180 different currencies.

Translation tool

Now, this is the one I use the most. Google happens to know more than a hundred languages. If you enter “translate I will talk to you later to Spanish” in the search bar, the Google translator appears, as does the Spanish word “hablare contigo mas tarde.” The versatility, flexibility, and power of the Google translator is almost breathtakingly intimidating and considering that it’s free, that’s too good to be true. There’s even an app for that: Google Translate is available for Android and iOS and the app version can even translate 37 languages via a photo. Take a picture of the sign that says “Alto” and the app shows “Stop. Just so you know, I learned Spanish using the Google translate, sweet, right?

Convert measurements and units

Google loves to save you from tiring tasks and help you convert things: ranging from: days to seconds, Miles to kilometers, bits to bytes, watts to amps, dozens to gross, liters to gallons and acres to square feet, but to mention a few. Your job is simple, write the brief calculation you need a response to in the search bar and Google will do the heavy lifting. For example, write “1 hectare to sq. ft.” and Google will do the magic.

Set a timer

If you try Googling any amount of time, followed by “timer”, you’ll get a countdown, and you can even make it sound an alarm at the end of the task perfect use for a speed test or something of some such.

Find and download loads of cool fonts for free

Google is the mother of fonts, the ones you know and those you don’t know they even exist. If you go to Google fonts, there’s a whole lot to choose from.

Learn how to pronounce massive numbers

For people who find large numbers scary, Google is there to help. Just type in the number in the search bar followed by equals to sign and English, viola, you have your help. E.g. 12636777493408=English

Track a flight

Maybe you happen to be picking up a cousin from the airport and you don’t want to wait too long, Google can help you save time by tracking the flight. By using the abbreviation of the airlines and the flight number: AA 1024, it gives you the status of American Airlines Los Angeles to Miami.

Movie times

You want to know what movie is playing next at your local cinema so you all can go out with your friends, just type “showtimes,” and your zip code or city name and a list of current films with showtimes and at which theater will instantly come up.

There’s a whole lot Google can do, she’s definitely not just a search engine!

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