Innovation: After Airplanes, What Next?

Innovation: After Airplanes, What Next?

Mobility has always been a necessity for humans because as social beings created to survive via interaction and movement, it is imperative to move to places, sometimes beyond our geographical location for either business, education or worship.

In the early days, traveling long distances by foot wasn’t a choice in itself, neither was it based on your willingness to go or your endurance because since there were no other means, you would have to travel thousands of kilometers to get to your destination and it didn’t matter how long it took.

Then animals came along, the four-footed beasts that saved us a little pain and time. Camels are known for long distances and horses for their speed. They were then built into carts and initially used to depict royalty or wealth because only money could purchase some fine horses and a well-decorated cart, sometimes gold-plated.

The quest has always been to break the barrier of distance, and so some men felt there was more to explore and that led to the birth of the car. A four-footed automobile that was just a more advanced version of the cart and an enigma when compared to the previous modes. It got better with time as one model became two and then ten until different brands were born. Initially, it was all about comfort and mobility but the tides changed rapidly that it became all about beauty and elegance, speed and precision, social class, wealth division and political relevance. Now we move faster and better, thanks to men like Karl Benz, Henry Ford to mention a few.

The land wasn’t all there was so we continued our innovations on water. And so, came the canoe and boat, whose existence was a result of the sacrifice of beautiful trees like the Iroko and the Mahogany, as the logs are finely built to enable smooth sail across water bodies. But the search continues, and masterpieces were born; the likes of the Yacht, Ships and then the Submarine.

After the Wright brothers flew the first planes, it became the beginning of a better life, the war against the barrier of distance was being won. You could be across the world in two days and across states in minutes. The war against distance has not been won yet, from Newark to Singapore takes approximately 18 hrs. 50 mins. and that’s a whole lot of time.

There’s got to be more, I don’t believe this is the end or the best we can do. We still haven’t explored all our options, neither have we conquered time, for if we cannot be way across the world in split seconds, distance is still a barrier. We could teleport you know? And not just as a one-time thing but as a means of transportation and I don’t mean it being available to only the high and mighty. I believe it is possible for our minds to serve as portals between states and countries, continents, and planets alike, only then can we say we have truly conquered the barrier of distance.

A friend of mine once said, “We humans always find a way to do things better and faster”. “What is the way after airplanes,” I asked “you’ll see,” he said.

So, I ask, after airplanes what next?

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