Yesterday, I Was an Atheist

Yesterday, I Was an Atheist

Yesterday wouldn’t obviously be speaking of the last 24 hours if I may say, except if at the time you are reading this it is your story. Growing up, we knew little or nothing about the existence of any deity in comparison to our ability to prove their existence or deny their non-existence. We’ve had several schools of thought debate explicitly on matters of existence, the creation of the world, the origin of man and the inception of mankind.

The sexes of humans have never been questioned, and I wonder why. Down from colors, to the names of objects and the rest of the naming ceremony of elements on planet earth was an event that occurred long before our birth and that of our fathers and their fathers, and their fathers before them; so like the law to the children of Israel, it’s been handed over from generation to generation as a symbol of preservation of cultural heritage and a peek into the events that predate our birth.

We have never questioned the names of colors or the animals in the zoo, or maybe that a male is a female and a female a male (If you know what I mean), probably a case of mistaken identity or a misunderstood definition of certain terminologies, and yet we question the existence of GOD.

Every time we closed our eyes to pray over lunch in high school, his two optical globes just circled the room like he was trying to take a numerical stock of every element in the room, the message from his eyes were cold and precise, like someone who had a specific hatred for what we did, some personal unresolved anger of some sort.

You don’t pray? I quietly asked “I don’t believe in GOD anymore” was his response. My ears tingled at the sound of that word and alphabets that made the word “anymore.” Ex-Christian atheists get pissed when they are told that, “You were never really a Christian because if you’d really been saved, you couldn’t lose your faith.” Your statement falls in the same nonsense category. “If you were really an atheist, you’d never start believing in gods.”

However, if you talk to someone who claims to be ex-atheist, but upon closer questioning admits to always believing in God (they were just angry with him, or insufficiently devout, or whatever), you can rightly point out that if they didn’t stop believing in a god, they weren’t atheists.

Humanity, from inception and by wiring has always been in search of something, being vaguely aware of the supernatural or the existence of something greater than themselves, the quest to fill the void that exists within them have gone on for like forever. This is peculiar to humans because we do not observe this in other forms of life like plants and animals.

When I hear people speak about themselves as being atheists, it really doesn’t sound new to me, it’s cool to say but if you really look at the facts, it’s a general disposition and although they make it sound like not believing in a god is peculiar to them, by definition of the word atheist, being the absence of belief in the existence of deities, less broadly, atheism is the rejection of belief that any deities exist, everyone at some point in their lives was an atheist and I could rightly say we all were atheistic in nature, because I wasn’t born believing.

To believe in the existence of something or someone is within the realms of man’s choice and ability, and irrespective of the percentage that believes or doesn’t, it doesn’t negate the truth of that existence. The sun is the light that governs the day and the moon for the night, and even if the whole world decides to disbelieve that, it doesn’t change the reality. I didn’t intend to tell you stories about people who stopped being atheists and started believing and their reasons, there’s a whole lot of that on the internet. The truth is that you either believe or you don’t, and you obviously cannot disbelieve because it doesn’t make any sense.

Yesterday I was an atheist, and so where you and this is and was everyone’s story, no one was born believing but the other part where you move from belief to unbelief, that doesn’t exist, you just never believed, that’s what it is.

Yesterday I was an atheist, yesterday she was an atheist, yesterday you were an atheist and unlike the fingerprints on your hands, it isn’t something peculiar to you, at some point yesterday, I was an atheist!

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