Not My Real Face—the Menace of Make-Overs

Not My Real Face—the Menace of Make-Overs

My elder sister happens to be a makeup artist, so I have quite some knowledge on this one. Please don’t get me wrong, I love makeovers and in themselves, they are quite amazing, but that’s my own subtle way of avoiding the word deceptive. Although that might sound a little to the extreme, I promise you that it’s not an exaggeration.

A few years ago, when you came across the image of a woman, you could ascertain what she looks like in reality and you would be right. But in later years, which happens to be our present generation, it’s like a scratch and win, it’s either you are lucky or you’re not. And yet we say corruption ends with those in power, I wonder what we call this.

Not My Real Face—the Menace of Make-Overs and makeup

I once saw a building under construction. Fast forward a few months or years later, it’s an entirely different environment, you could swear it isn’t the same place. Kudos to our ladies, they have found a way to do that in few hours, ‘total transformation’ I would call it. You see, I’m not against beauty products, neither would you say I don’t appreciate the finer things of life. I really want them to look beautiful and elegant, but please, have some reservation and leave some resemblance to the raw material at least because sometimes we see before and after and its two different people entirely.

A colleague of mine happens to be a victim of the power of transformation and I won’t be wrong to say he’s now championing a campaign against makeovers at least the ones that take it to the extreme. He happened to date this girl a few months before graduation, and he had big plans. Not the type that leads to the bedroom but the kind that leads to the altar and then the bedroom to consummate the union. He was definitely leaving school a fulfilled man, having a wonderful result and a beautiful lady to show wasn’t a feat to take likely.

I had my doubts about the lady though. It’s not something serious but what would you say about a lady who is visited without notice and is always well made up? Not once was she caught unaware and if you would ask me, behind the foundations and contour, braids and curls, there is definitely something fishing. The greatest enemy of these ladies is water; you had better not think you can’t match their speed if they happen to be on the road and the heavens let loose in a downpour. The way they would scamper for safety would make you wonder if the rain had some acidic content that possessed the ability to dissolve human skin.

On the wedding night, the unveiling took place and that was the day he called his lawyer and filed for divorce stating the marriage is null and void being it was built on deception, injustice and impersonation.

Not My Real Face—the Menace of Make-Overs and makeup


I have personally met a lot of young men who have very negative opinions about makeup and women who wear it, and truth be told, I wouldn’t blame them and I wouldn’t side them either but I believe they want moderation and recognition before and after a makeover session. When I was in high school and college, plenty of my male classmates and friends expressed a preference for women who were ‘totally natural’ or ‘didn’t need makeup,’ and made jokes about not wanting to wake up next to a ‘different person’ in the morning.”

Makeup Requires No Explanation

In their defense though, there are many women who wear makeup because they love trying different colors and products, perfecting techniques and experimenting with different looks for pure fun. The goal isn’t to deny one’s “natural look” or hide from the world or deceive onlookers, they just want to try something new I believe.


All of those reasons and more are valid explanations for wearing makeup — and none are deserving of shaming.

“I just want people to know that makeup is fun, and there are no rules to makeup,” says Jessica Mimi.

“Makeup is there for days when you want to look good, and if people are deceived into thinking your eyes are just a bit rounder, your lips a bit fuller or your cheeks a bit rosier than usual? Well, so be it” Alexandra Burke.

Is makeup a menace?

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