7 Things the Rich Do That the Poor Don’t

7 Things the Rich Do That the Poor Don’t

Nature always has a way of sieving homo sapiens into factions and it’s not a deliberate action, neither is it self-seeking in itself but the result of deliberate and indeliberate actions of humans, wealth being one of the major factional divisions or measure of societal relevance. If you aren’t rich, then you are poor, there is no middle ground on the issue of wealth. You either pass or fail. Well, that’s my thought though.

Being rich has its perks, and being poor too but what side of the scale will you rather choose to tilt? I bet you will say the former. Questions have always risen, people from different schools of thought have come together, trying to state categorically what differentiates the rich from the poor. Is there a special ingredient from inception that selected a few for wealth? Does it have anything to do with the family we are born into? Or the school attended? Or maybe the kind of food we ate growing up? What exactly makes the difference if I may ask? The question, I would suppose, should be asked this way, “What do the rich do that the poor don’t?”

Statistics have shown that the richest 1% control 48% of the world’s wealth and while many may want to argue that their wealth is a result of family inheritance, only a few percentage did inherit their wealth from family, while the rest have built their wealth from scratch and worked their way up the ladder to social prominence.

  1. They Believe In The Law Of Income

The rich have a common mentality that cuts across all the wealthy people on planet earth, they believe they will be paid in direct proportion to the value they deliver. They know they will be paid according to the value they create, the problems they solve and the solutions they bring to the table. This mentality produces innovation and a relentless drive for creativity, unlike the poor who believe everyone should be paid equally regardless of the value created and with this idiosyncrasy, the poor would remain poor and would draw us all into their web of poverty.

  1. They Focus On Opportunities Instead Of Obstacles

Opportunity and obstacles mean the same thing, the difference being perspective, optimism versus pessimism. The rich would rather see a cup as half filled with water than half empty. The greatest economic depressions of the world have crashed the economy of top countries but have produced the wealthiest of men. Amidst the complaints and tears, they, like dragons, emerge from the ashes after the fire had burned out, knowing full well that the more problems solved, the more money made.

  1. The Rich Associate With Positive Successful People

And here again, the issue of the company has reared its head, this issue cannot be overemphasized. Growing up, we kept a saying to heart and as we grew, the words seemed to be drowned by a quest for other things. “Show me your friend and I’ll tell you who you will become” is not just a saying but a reality. Little wonder the rich hang out in places only the rich can afford to go. The rich hangout in circles and to know what they know or get the benefits they receive; you have to find a way to meander into their cycle. The people you associate with depict your level and your prospective level.

7 Things the Rich Are Doing That the Poor Don’t Do
Bill Gates and Warren Buffet
  1. They Grow Bigger Than Their Problems

The poor hit a roadblock or an immovable object and the next thing you know, they stare at the situation long enough to lose faith in the possibility of a better outcome, then they pack up their bags and make a U-turn. The rich however love a challenge, so when they are faced with the same circumstances, they find a way to meander through or to combat the immovable object, they become an unstoppable force. Whatever the case may be, they don’t let the problem determine their end but a need for a higher knowledge to combat the problem on the ground.

  1. The Rich Focus On Net Worth, Not Working Income

Survival is all the poor think about; sustenance is what the rich think.  They subject themselves to money only 12 times a year whereas the rich want to build a system that pulls in money at will. A rich man once said this, “It doesn’t matter how much you make if you can’t keep it”

The poor ask the question “How much are you paid monthly?” The rich ask the question “In the long run, how much do you have?” because they know in the end it’s what you’re able to keep that makes the difference.

  1. The Rich Continually Learn And Grow

“I’ve pledged myself to a lifetime of continuous learning” was how Bill Gates ended a speech at a college graduation in California. Having a lot of wealth, he has a list of books he reads every month and then you ask yourself, what’s there to know when you have all there is to have. What’s there not to know I would ask? It’s funny that the most voracious readers are men who are either learned or very knowledgeable because they know that the more you know, the more you know what you don’t know.

  1. The Rich Make Sacrifices

Today, I must do the things I have to do, so that tomorrow I can do the things I want to do. Sacrifice doesn’t mean the absence of self-gratification but the delay of self-gratification to a later time and this is a deliberate decision taken. We all want to get to the top but aren’t patient enough to pay the necessary price for the aspired position. The rich understand that like a farmer, if you eat your corn during sowing season, there will be nothing for you to harvest in the coming season, so sacrifice is of the essence.

You all want to be rich? Well, here is how they do what they do!

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