Why Work As An Employee When You Can Become The CEO?

Why Work As An Employee When You Can Become The CEO?

Why become the manager if you can own the company?

I might sound greedy, but in my small life, I’ve never heard of two birds colliding in the sky, neither have I heard of Aero Contractor’s inability to take off because Virgin Atlantic happens to be in flight. This statement over the years has governed my inclination to the study of money and how it works. The first book I ever read that expounded my knowledge on the issue was Rich dad poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Growing up, I never understood the way money worked probably because there wasn’t so much of it in circulation and only a few times do we get to see the rain of fiat currency fall. I got used to not having money that it made me wonder if money was selective in itself, choosing where to be per time and how long to stay.

This inquisitive and analytic aspect of human existence has been an area that has governed the entirety of my existence and personally, I love to approach issues from a platform I refer to as the pilot’s view where I can pick the patterns, identify cycles, note anomalies and anticipate unprecedented events. For me, the business world provides the best platform for growth and mastery in logic and analytical reasoning to the end that a problem is solved.

I hated school all through because it was void of education. All we are taught was theory and no reality, so we all step out into the real world and are served a different meal from the ones we are taught to prepare. But I refused to give up and so I took to study of books that would expand my horizon with respect to the business world. From “How they Started-David Lester” to “How to start your own business- David Lester” to “You can negotiate anything- Herb Coher,” I read myself to reality.

All my life, I have wanted an opportunity to rub minds with intellectuals and people with like minds. People who choose to see possibility and not obstacles, opportunities and not a dead end. People who choose to see a glass of water as half-full and not half-empty, people with the same dogged determination, calculated risk-taking, hard work, thoughtful analysis, and teamwork. If money has a system, I wouldn’t just want to work for the system, I would want to own the system.

We happen to live in a world where the values of creativity and standards for measuring success impede creative thinking, innovation, and economic growth. A good grade, a well-paying job, a family, a comfortable apartment and a car to move around town are all there is to it. Reading has been attributed to nerds and innovative ideas to dreamers.

In 2010, a friend attended a so called youth empowerment seminar aimed at empowering the youths for transformational change and all he kept on hearing was the same lectures we’ve heard for decades to come, get a good grade, get a good job, get married and quietly wait for death to snatch you off planet earth. Nothing was said about a platform created for those who have ideas to thrive, or company start-ups to excel but all we do is hope for a better future, what better way to create a better future than for the future themselves to be created now?

Aren’t we all tired of the status quo?

Is there somewhere better than where we are now?

How do we get there quicker?

Why settle for less when there is more?


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