Life is not measured by how much you own

I took this topic from Our Lord Jesus Christ, saying your life is not measured by how much you own.
I was a millionaire in Nigeria and lost it all. How I lost, it will be another topic for another day. It did not make me less than who I was
We live in a society where you are measured by the kind of house you live and the kind of cars you drive, the kind of phone you use and your attire.
I love the Yoruba adage that says, the expensive cloth you wear does not mean you are wealthy. You can borrow it to appear rich.
I visited someone in his office recently, and he followed me to the packing lot to see the kind of car I was driving. He was disappointed to see my 2002 Mercedes Benz C270. He said is this your car? I said yes, he told me you to change it to latest one.
I asked him why I will do that? He said so that people will respect you and give you more jobs.
I told him in my line of work, most of the time I don’t see my clients. I work remotely with them designing their apps. They are more interested in result than appearance.
Ok, what if you go to a party? I will go with my old faithful Benz I told him.
I am not living my life for anyone; I am living my life to please myself and God. If you can’t accept me the way I am, then good luck to you.
I don’t compare myself to anybody. I don’t measure my life with others. I am running my race the way I feel it is right. I am not attached to any possession.
Take away all my possessions, and it won’t reduce my peace of mind.
My mentor James Altcucher gave away all his properties including his certificates and sold his house. He is a millionaire in dollars and Bitcoin. His earthly possession is now fit into his backpack. If you see him on the street of New York, you won’t believe he is a multi millionaire. He said he is more free and happier than when he was flying his helicopter to go to Las Vegas to gamble every weekend.
In the complex where I live, it is only the black people that drive expensive cars. All the white folks who are 70% more than us drive small cars. To them, a car is meant for transportation not status symbol.
Don’t borrow money to buy what you don’t need to impress people who hate you.
The possession you are proud of today will be obsolete in a few years time. I remember when men of God in Nigeria were crazy about Lincoln Navigator. They were asking their members to buy it for them. Few years down the line, they were after Lexus Jeep. Now it is Private Jet. Like Solomon said Vanity is vanity.
We should listen to the man who thought possessions would give him happiness. At the end of it all, he said all is vanity

photo credit; pixabay

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