Donald Trump did not plagiarise his inaugural speech | Donald Trump inaugural speech

Donald Trump did not plagiarise his inaugural speech | Donald Trump inaugural speech

Donald Trump inaugural speech was entirely his own words. With information flying around the internet and Whatsapp groups, you need to know which information is real, fact or fictions.
A quick one is where detractors were saying Donald Trumps plagiarised his inaugural speech from Bee Movie. The moment I saw this post on my WhatsApp group I quickly headed to a hugely popular fact-checking site which debunks urban legends, old wives’ tales, fake news, shoddy journalism and political spin.
Then I read that it was a lie.

Donald Trump inaugural speech was purely his own not from any movie
There was a time I read that about Joyce Meyer death from my group, I headed to my truth checker and discovered it was a hoax. is not the only websites debunking rumours and hoaxes; there are FactCheck.Org, and but my favourite is Snopes.
Don’t just take what you read on the internet at face value, if in doubt check it out. We always like to spread wide rumours and fake news without checking them out.
News like how Donald Trump hates the blacks and the speech attributed to it, a Chinese restaurant in South Africa serving dog meat or Hillary Clinton stealing $200,000 of furnishing allowance or Nicholas Cage death in a motorcycle accident and Donald Trump inaugural speech was taken from Avatar movie
All these are lies. I don’t take any news hook, line and sinker again. I cross check them with or other fact checking websites. Likewise, do I post anything on my blog or  WhatsApp group page without making sure they are real,
One good thing about is that you can ask them to verify a story for you and they will. They have a lof of investigative journalists who will do it. They go all length to do this. To verify the claim of Donald Trump stealing his inaugural speech from Bees and Avatar movies, the journalist read the two movies scripts and watched them.
Next time you are in doubt of any news of rumours head to these sites to verify whether they are true or fake

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