7 things Nigeria entertainers should learn from AY

7 things Nigeria entertainers should learn from AY

I read recently that AY’s latest movie A trip to Jamaica made a whooping N137,000,000. This is N37,000,000 more than his first movie, 30 days to Atlanta which  broke the box office record in Nigeria last year!  His second movie broke another record in a country where recession is happening and where masses are crying that things are tough! So, what makes him thick and what can we learn from him?

Here are seven things we can learn from this great entertainer-

1.He is like Google 

Ayo Makun popularly known as AY is not the best comedian in Nigeria.  And he isn’t among my top 5 comedians! Google does not know anything at all-  when you are searching for information on Google and you type the information you seek, Google will only bring millions of websites that have that information. It is then up to you to click on the one you want.

AY is also not the best actor in Nigeria, although he is good! Like Google, he knows how to bring the best people to achieve his goals. In 30 days to Atlanta, he brought in Ramsey Noah and other good actors. So, seeing the two of them half naked on the film poster will arouse your interest! In A trip to Jamaica, he also brought in the famous Funke Akindele of Jenifa’s Diary and other Nollywood stars.

2.He is like Richard Branson.

Richard Branson has more than 400 businesses under the Virgin group. AY is an- actor, a radio and TV presenter, writer, comedian, producer and MC.  He is the producer of AY Cribs, a TV sitcom. His company- Corporate World Entertainment powers AY Live! The AY  and Open Mic Challenge: the monthly Talent-Hunt programme that produced the likes of Emeka Smith, MC Shakara, Elenu, and Seyi Law.

3. He learned from the best.

You know Ali Baba?  . That’s his tutor- only the best! He once invited the guru to his comedy show at his university. The master was so impressed with his organisational talent that he instantly gave him a place to stay, made him both his event manager and personal assistant. He soon started opening shows for his boss!

4. He uses his platform to help others.

Akpororo, Emeka Smith, Mc Shakara, Elenu, Seyi Law, Pencil, Ajebo, Acapella just to mention a few, owe their successes to God and Ay,  he discovered these incredible talents! They are now successful comedians. He also opened international doors for them. Many of them are part of the acts on The AY Show in the UK.

5.He is also paving way for comedians to step into film making.

I watched the interview by Owe Gee and Gbenga Adeyinka the first. He asked Gbenga if he would produce his own movie. He told him that with the success of AY’s first movie, it is now giving them the confidence to realise that you can break even in the film industry in Nigeria. Unlike when producers were at the mercy of marketers that pay them peanuts

6. He is a good organiser.

I don’t know how he does it, but all the shows he organises are always sold out! Remember how his organisational skills made Ali Baba asked him to work for him. His organisational skill is what he uses to bring all the good actors of Nollywood and Hollywood to act in his movies.

7. He listens to his wife

Women are sensitive so they have strong intuition than men. If the majority of men listen to their wives they will be successful! The saying is true that- behind every success of a man there must be a woman!  The idea of him making his first movie was suggested to him by his wife! He listened to her and acted. His movie earned him a place in the Guinness World Record!


Most of all, he attributes all his successes to God! 

“I am just a product of God’s grace. When I shot ‘30 days in Atlanta,’ I just set out to go there and have fun but a lot of people are attributing it to something else. They are saying maybe I did juju. I’ve heard all sorts and I’m beginning to suspect myself in the sense that anything I do always comes out well. My stand-up comedy show is one of the biggest in the country. Same with my TV show. I’m just a product of grace. That is what I tell people. Not because I am the best, not because I know how to do it better. I just have this shining light and I keep praying that the grace remains. For now, let me enjoy my grace.”

This quotation is Culled from 36ng

Pictures credit Pixabay



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