Nine Super  Secrets To Being Happy Always

Nine Super Secrets To Being Happy Always

Do you always have something to be ungrateful about- flat tyres, burst pipes, unending bills, some local bugs, etc?

It doesn’t need a magic wand because you are your own conjurer! Take a sit and start counting your blessings…!

Now, here’s ten little, most potent happiness magnet.

  1. Never have a bad thought or grudge against anyone or anything- your nosy neighbor, nagging in-laws, annoying cousin, failures, etc. look for something good about them and focus on that! No. You are not stupid. You just need to avoid the poison and focus on the positive. You would do yourself a world of good!
  1. Focus more on your strong areas without necessarily competing- It removes unneeded stress and helps boost yourself When you feel good about yourself then, you perform better! So spend more time on that gardening, building things, etc. and be proud of yourself!
  1. Don’t overwork yourself- limit your expectations. E.g You definitely can’t build a real castle in the sky or can you? Be realistic so that you don’t fall flat on your face and feel like a big fool. Know what you can achieve and work towards it wholeheartedly.
  1. Help others to help you because when you help others, you feel great about yourself, and it makes you triply happy!
  1. Look up! Your future is really bright- You might need a sunshade, though- I mean work towards your realistic goals and hope for the best. Things will always stand in your way, but you know you can get it! – That added education in you know what. That beautiful house on the beach. That expansion in your business.
  1. Be grateful for today!  Love your today and it will attract happiness for you now and a brighter tomorrow- Everything in its own time!
  1. Be so real with yourself. Never pretend to be P. Diddy when you know you are Justin Timberlake, or you might mess up yourself and be very miserable during your thankless act. Love yourself and you’ll be happy, and you know what? Happiness begets more happiness and even better deals for you- everything will work for you, and your aura will attract people like you meaning you’ll encounter lesser stress.
  1. Shift yourself away from unwanted stress. Unfulfilling career, negative friendships and would cost you. almost everything, things that reminds you constantly of unhappiness incidents in your life, etc. Life is worth more than that. Leave the dark and run into the sunshine- you have a lot more to live for!
  1. Take some time out and relax. Do something for yourself that makes you happy? You’ve worked so hard, so rest and refresh yourself and see yourself recharged for something bigger in the next round.


Photo  credits  Pixabay

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