Seven amazing qualities of my mother.

Seven amazing qualities of my mother.

woman-302551_1920Yesterday mark the 4th years my mother passed on to be with the Lord.
As much as I missed her, she left many qualities that made me conclude that she was the best mum in the whole wide world.

She was so loving.
My mum loved people. She took care of a lot of people while I was growing up. All her nieces and nephews stayed at our house. All of them left our house when they either get married or left for another town.
My father married many wives, and yet my mum was friendly to all of them. When all of them left when the money dried up it only remained my mum and the last wife. The two of them became the best friend.You will think they were sisters. They wore the identical attire every time. Ate in the same plate. People thought they were witches because they have never seen two wives loving each other. I not at any time saw them fought.

She was industrious.
My mum was hardworking and Industrious. She was a workaholic. She had many ventures. She sold dresses, food,akara,travelling to the north to bring things to sell in the south,she did tie and dye and was good in hair plaiting. She was always doing one thing or the other to make money. Money was never short in our house; though it might not be in abundance.

She did not go to school but could read Yoruba Bible from Genesis to Revelation.
She did not go to school because women were thought to be inferior to the male children. All her elder brothers went to school and were sent to America to study.
Despite this, she knew how to read the bible very well. Ironically she could not read any other thing. She could also speak Pidgin English very well. This was as a result of her business dealing with the Igbos

She was a disciplinarian
I was her only child, yet she did not spare the rod on me. If I gossip about someone to her, I am in trouble. She would twist my lips and said,” “Aso fofo ko gba egba, ibi ope lomo” Meaning gossipers do not earn money for gossiping. She always demanded the truth from me no matter what. If she caught me lying, she would beat me and say. It is better, to tell the truth, and be killed than to lie and be alive.
She beat me one day that my two eyes were temporarily blind. It was that day I asked her if she was my biological mother. She said I would not spoil you because you are my only child.

She was full of wisdom.
She was a wise woman. People in the neighbourhood came to her for counselling. I really learnt a lot from her. She would sit with me and tell me dos and don’ts of this world. When I failed my School-Leaving Certificate, I refused to go home. I thought she would beat me. She asked my cousin to look for me. She promised she would not beat me. I went home to face her. I told her that I failed my WAEC. I was in tears. She said I did not fail that the house help should prepare my favourite food for me. She told me after eating that,since I am alive, I have not failed.

She was trustworthy.
People trust her so much that they made her the accountant of their various groups. They knew she would not spend their money. She trusted people easily, and she was scammed many times by friends and family. And when I pointed it to her, she would tell me to leave them alone. I still know a lot of people that owed her a lot of money until today.

She was spiritual.
I have never seen a day without her praying. She thought me how to pray even while we have not known Christ. When I gave my life to Christ. I preached the gospel to her, and she accepted without questioning me. She attended my church any time we had special programmes. She did not leave her church and to the glory of God, her church prophet also gave his life to Christ and started teaching them the real gospel. I believe she is in heaven as we speak because a week before she passed on a song kept on coming to me everyday. The song
“We shall meet at Jesus feet,
And never,never,part again”
As I was praying for her healing I was receiving the song in my spirit.


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