WhatsApp video calling is launching today.

Whatsapp is launching video calling today according to Manpreet Singh, WhatsApp’s lead mobile engineer. He said, “We will try to be the best video calling platform our there.”
If we can go according to his word, then android users may be able to have a clean and clear video calling like Facetime for Apple. I was on IMO with my friend yesterday, and I was saying it is not as clear as Apple Facetime.
This is good news for people that cannot afford iPhone and need to do video calls with Apple users. Good news most iPhone users have WhatsApp app.
WhatApps really do everything to satisfy its more than billion users.

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However, 2016 has been unusually productive for WhatsApp, which Facebook bought in 2014 for $22 billion. This year the company introduced a desktop client, end-to-end encryption, and features for writing and drawing on top of photos. The company also wants to mingle its data with Facebook’s, so as to eventually make money from businesses chatting with you on WhatsApp, but Europe is having none of it.

additional source TheVerge.
Photo credit Pixabay

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