7 things I learnt from Donald Trump presidential victory

7 things I learnt from Donald Trump presidential victory

Donald Trump had been my mentor for a long time until recently when he
started saying bad things about Blacks and Muslims. I bought 90% of his books. I was so impressed with his business acumen when he lost billions and regained it back within three years. I did not think he could win this
election based on the media attack on  him and how the whole world was against him. He won anyway, and life continues.

These are seven things I learnt from his victory.
1. The whole world may be against you, but keep doing what you are doing.
The whole world was against him. You can see the way stock fell in all
nations because he won. Whatever you are doing and you believe to be right keep on doing it no matter who is against you.

2. Always say your mind no matter what.
Don’t be afraid to say your mind. Trump victory has shown that despite the
things, he said that could destroy his chances yet he won. Be bold to say your mind anytime, people might not like what you say. They might judge you by your utterances yet you will still get to where you will be.

3. “Monkey no fine, him mama like am”
This is pidgin English which means no matter how ugly a monkey is, it mum will still love it. Trump might be loud, a women abuser, running mouth and rude, yet his people like him, and they voted for him.baboons-4371_1920

4. Gender superiority is still at play.
A lot of people voted for Trump because they could not work around the idea of a woman ruling America. Majority of women even voted for Trump. There is no gender equality yet even in one of the most civilised countries in the world.

5. Racism is still at play.
A lot of people voted for Trump because of his racist stand. KKK endorsed him few weeks ago. White supremacist voted en mass to make sure he won.

6.Donald Trump is a real business man.
A good business man is always thinking of how to make money from everybody, friends or foes. I watched his victory speech this morning, and I was impressed. He said he will be the president of all not a few. He said
everybody should be united now the election is over. He congratulated
Hillary Clinton for her well organised campaign. I can’t believe that Donald
Trump is the one saying this after all he had said.

7.Life goes on.
Donald Trump has won,life goes on. “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.” – John F. Kennedy. Think what you can do for America and do it. Don’t wait for the
government handouts. Don’t panic, don’t run away from America, do what
you can do to make it there.


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3 thoughts on “7 things I learnt from Donald Trump presidential victory

  • Nice points! However, I disagree with the second premise. “Always say your mind no matter what”.
    I believe that one is free to say(express) one’s mind on the condition that one has what it takes to pay for whatever what one says! Trump didn’t say all what’s in his mind. He only said what the white Americans are always willing to hear from their leaders; “America is a great nation, ‘Let us make it great again'”.

    He might never have been a politicians, nevertheless, he got some big politicians with him who would have cooked what he had to say in his mind.

    In short, I suppose that you don’t say all what you’ve got in your mind only if you know what the situation speaks


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