The Number One Reason You Should Stop Lying

The Number One Reason You Should Stop Lying

People lie a lot. Saints and sinners alike. Lying has become a way of life. If you don’t lie you think you cannot survive in this world. We are been bombarded every day from the airwave with lies. Our parents started with us when we were young. When they are going out, they will tell us to go and fetch our shoes before we come back they would have gone.

They lie to us in the church. They lie to us in the mosque. The herbalists lie to us. Everybody lies. I told a protégé of mine that I don’t tell lie. He said for me to say that it meant that I am lying. That everybody lies.

I had a friend who was a pastor of a holiness doctrine church. He lied a lot. He has passed now. If I asked him why. He would tell me that it was Abrahamnic lies. He said Abraham lied that Sarah was his sister for fear of been killed by the king. He would say “Yinka let me tell you this, if I told Baba Apamadari the truth, he will faint and die in this office.”

My principle about lying is simple.  I believe if I lie to you, then I have put you on the throne where God should be at that moment. To me, God should always be on the throne so it helps me not to lie. However, I do tell lies. I lie to people who I know are chronic liars. I lie to people who when I tell them the truth, they will not believe me. Since they will not believe the truth then I give them what they want to believe. Even so, generally, I won’t lie to you. I won’t lie for you. And to keep me from lying I have stopped talking too much.  Sometimes when you talk too much, you exaggerate and this is lying. I am so honest that people caution me that it is not good to be telling everybody the truth. However, that is the best way to live. Tell people the truth no matter what it will save you a lot of trouble.

I spent a client’s money meant for his web hosting thinking I would pay before they suspend his account. Unfortunately for me, his website was suspended. He called and asked why. I told him the truth. He said Yinka I am so impressed with you. I did not know anything about website and hosting, if you told me any technology jargon, I will believe you, for telling me the truth I will resend the money to you. He re-sent the money, and his website was activated.

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