Knowledge is not power.

Knowledge is not power.

Before you start to say I am wrong, let me explain myself.

We are always saying knowledge is power. Knowledge on its own is not power.

It is the application of knowledge that is power. This is information age; your wealth in today’s world is linked to information.¬† Information is the currency of today economy. ¬†Information on its own is useless. You have to put action to the information you have.

Let me give you a practical example. In 2004, I read an interview of Jimoh Ibrahim; the chairman and chief executive officer of Global Fleet Group. He said he started his business by organizing training for local government executives. He said he will send his proposal to them via their liaison offices in Lagos. The offices will dispatch them free of charge.

I took the information and wrote a proposal to train local government executives on poverty alleviation in South Africa.

My partner David Agboola took the proposals to Lagos. Within two weeks, seven local government executives paid N350, 000 each to our account without meeting them in person, without asking for bribes. We only saw them on the day we were traveling to South Africa.

I wrote a post on free university education few weeks ago.  231 people read the post according to Wordfence analytics. Four people took the information and started some courses. A friend ; Festus Yele Amede finished his course and got his certificate from Pennsylvania University. He will write about it on this blog next week.

I wrote a post on a cure for all diseases. 407 people read the post according to Wordfence analytics. Only two people ask me more about it and how to get products.

The moral of this post, you need to act on the knowledge you have to make it powerful.

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