Is my blog making impact in people’s life?

Is my blog making impact in people’s life?

The reason for creating this blog is to make an impact in my reader’s life. This is not my first blog. In 2008, I started a blog that focused on South African soapies.  I wrote for a  few months and got bored.  I hosted the blog on  Trying to access it today, got a message my blog does not exist anymore. The lesson I learned, never host your blog on a free blog host unless it is on or


There was a post I wrote about “How KFC advert is teaching our children to lie” I got a lot of comments on the post. The line where the boy lied was removed from the advert. Was it my post that brought the change? I did not know, but it was a few weeks after my post that the line was removed.

I have a technology blog with few posts.  I have decided to concentrate on it and grow it to be like TechCrunch.

Now let us get back to posts of this blog. Yes, is making impact in people’s lives. I was with a friend yesterday, and he told me he had finished one-week class from coursera and scored 90%. My daughter is studying many courses. Another friend finished three IT courses.

Some readers are using YouTube to learn more things.

If my blog is affecting your life, please leave a comment on how.

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One thought on “Is my blog making impact in people’s life?

  • i love this blog. The caution on revenge has really made a positive impart on my mindset. Thank you. Also your 53 lessons you have learnt – not impressing anyone even GOD but to love him is a motto i can never forget infact it’s like living a healthy life evolves around this motto. Life feels less complicated having this in mind


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